could you please help my identify the template that is used in many publications about CS / AI research such as in the following document:


I would appreciate any help, since I think the template is very neat.

  • Hi and welcome, article with geometry to set the margins, titling to customize the title (or do it completely on your own, package tgheros (for the diagrams) and tgtermes (and its math font) to get the fonts in the document (well, actually better alternatives).
    – Johannes_B
    Feb 9, 2015 at 18:05

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Actually, this is a very well-known template in the machine learning community. It's the style required for the NIPS (Neural Information Processing Systems) conference (and workshops).

It's available here: https://nips.cc/Conferences/2015/PaperInformation/StyleFiles


As you may know, there is no general procedure to "reverse engineer" a LaTeX document.

I would proceed as follow:

  • Is this article published? If so, is the journal / conference / proceedings imposing a style?

In that case, this paper was an abstract to 2011 NIPS Workshop on Bayesian Nonparametrics. It was accepted, and lead to a poster presentation, but no style was imposed (from what I saw).

  • What is the department of the authors? Do they propose a LaTeX template ?

In that case, it seems that neither the Department of Mathematics of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, neither the Department of Engineering of the University of Cambridge offer a template.

  • Can I find similar documents?

In that case, I could'nt find anything (except maybe this paper and another paper by Jacob Steinhardt).

This leads to the conclusion that it looks like a custom style. Contact one of the two author, people are generally glad to share their tips and tricks concerning LaTeX.

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