Is there a way to temporarily prevent media9 from including videos? I was thinking about something similar to the "demo" option that can be given to the graphicx package. I have some largeish videos, and it slows down compilation time.

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Yes, you can use the draft option when loading the media9 package. In draft mode, media9 does not embed video, but instead only displays the placeholder graphic. Using demo for graphicx in conjunction with this would change even the placeholder graphic to a plain box.

Not only is the compilation time faster, but the PDF filesize is also greatly reduced.

Notes for the example

The code for the video embedding is taken directly from the media9 package manual. The required media files are cube.mp4 and cubeposter.png, both available from the media9 distribution.

Place the media files in the same directory as your document (sample code below) and compile with pdflatex. Adobe Reader and a suitable Flash Player/Plugin for your operating system are required for the video to be viewable when embedded.

The placeholder image (cubeposter.png) will be shown only. Removing draft option adds the video back in.



      &autoPlay=true % start playing on activation

enter image description here

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