I am trying to place a box around a definition. Using the package mdframed, I have managed to do so. However, the box is too large, in particular too tall, and it is covering up text appearing above and below the definition. I am using


to create the "boxed definition" environment, and then I am using


for the definition itself.

I have tried to manually create a new mdframed style to use which has smaller margins, using something like


The command \mdfdefinestyle and this format are both taken from the documentation for mdframed. However, when I place this line into my document's preamble, I receive the error message

"Undefined control sequence: \mdfdefinestyle{stlye1}{..."

Can anyone tell me why the command \mdfdefinestyle is not being recognized? Or, can anyone suggest a different way to make an as-small-as-possible box around my definition?

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    Please give a complete document that demonstrates the error, and show the full error message from the log from ! to ? you have only shown part of the error, which does not show which command is undefined (the last command on the second line of the message) Feb 10, 2015 at 23:44
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You have to use the style like style=style1 (not just style1). Speaking further, you can use \surroundwithmdframed[<options>]{environment} to surround an existing environment with a mdframed frame. So to cover defn with frame, you need


Here is a sample.


enter image description here

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