I have a problem with Serbian italics

I have this text, for example:

enter image description here

when I put the name of the book in italics without setting language (Serbian), everything is ok:

enter image description here

but when I set Serbian, I get this:

enter image description here

does anybody know where is the problem? I'm using polyglossia package and Linux Libertine. thank you


picture 1: ИВИЋ,\,П.: Преглед историје српског језика. Сремски Карловци~– Нови Сад 1998.

picture 2: ИВИЋ,\,П.: \textit{Преглед историје српског језика.} Сремски Карловци~– Нови Сад 1998.

picture 3: \textserbian{ИВИЋ,\,П.: \textit{Преглед историје српског језика.} Сремски Карловци~– Нови Сад 1998.}

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    Can you please add a minimal example of TeX code? – egreg Feb 11 '15 at 21:17
  • The Linux Libertine font has that variant of italic Cyrillic “d” for Serbian. Not sure if you can do anything lest than pretending the language is different. – egreg Feb 11 '15 at 21:22
  • @egreg -- i understand the "d", but not the "g", which is the fourth letter in the same word. it looks like an undotted "i" with either an overbar or a dieresis. – barbara beeton Feb 11 '15 at 21:32
  • yes, there is a problem with letter г and п. its macron, I think – Ashrak Feb 11 '15 at 21:35
  • @barbarabeeton I just saw the “d”; writing it in the shape of a Latin “g” is not so strange, perhaps. Surely the “g” and the “p’ are at least very dubious. – egreg Feb 11 '15 at 21:40

It's a precise choice of the font designers. When the language tag is set to SRB, the following substitutions are made in the italic font

enter image description here

I guess this is to imitate handwriting; the CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER PE U+403F is drawn like a “u”, with the macron to represent that the bridge should be at the top (something similar is made in Sütterlin Schrift). Similarly for CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER GHE U+0433, while CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER DE U+0434 is drawn as it is common in handwriting, as far as I know.

You can disable this with a kludge


\setmainfont[RawFeature={language=DFLT}]{Linux Libertine O}


ИВИЋ,\,П.: \textit{Преглед историје српског језика.} Сремски Карловци~– Нови Сад 1998.


enter image description here

  • thank you very much! I set language to Bulgarian and everything works well now, too – Ashrak Feb 11 '15 at 22:02
  • moved from @user75801's answer: Thanks for your suggestion. I open a new question. If anybody can help, I will grateful. – Symbol 1 Apr 9 '15 at 9:14

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