I'm using winedt for Latex. sometimes I'm only working on a section of my paper and want to recompile to PDF without going through the whole time-consuming compilation. Is there a way I can tell Latex I've just changed a part of the text (or a section) so that it goes faster.

I know about \includeonly but this seems to work on specific chapters rather than at a micro level like my problem.


WinEdt has a very interesting feature for that.

Simply select the section you want, and press the button "Compile Selected" in the toolbar or press Shift+F9.

enter image description here

WinEdt will use your preamble to determine your settings and create a new hidden document that is compiled, so you can see the output of the selected text, without compiling the whole document.

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  • Great feature! Nice to know about it. – A Feldman Jun 18 '16 at 14:32

I have made a live preview plugin for WinEdt. It will show the preview of current paragraph in the upper right corner of WinEdt. Furthermore it will update the preview automatically if current paragraph has been changed.

enter image description here

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