I encounter a problem of which I speculate it might be a clash or bug in polyglossia. In the MWE when \usepackage{polyglossia} is commented out, running pdflatex or xelatex yields the same .ent (endnote)file. (PNTest.ent-pdflatex, PNTest.ent-xelatex1)

When running xelatex with \usepackage{polyglossia} in force a different .ent file is generated (PNTest.ent-xelatex2), which leads to error messages when this file is processed.

The code in the MWE is part of a larger package, but it boils down to this with respect to the error I encounter.

Could some kind guru shed some light in the darkness?


File PNTest.tex



\renewcommand{\textinnotes}[1]{%      % remove [ ] in the marking text
 #1\quad%                             % and use an own format
\renewcommand{\notenumintext}[1]{}%   skip the notemark in the text
\renewcommand*{\pagenotesubhead}[2]{}%get rid of subhead in notelist

  \newcommand{\Dyn@Explanation}{for explanation}
  \newcommand{\Dyn@NoteText}{see \Dyn@NoteName~\thepagenote\ on \Dyn@PageName}

% DynNote*{item}[expl]{description}
%        #1 #2    #3       #4
% 1) Typesets \footnote{expl}. If no <expl> is given, get it from the
%    default by calling \Dyn@Explanation.
% 2) Typesets a page- chap- or endnote with item\\description.
% Starred version
% 3) Adds (item,expl) to the wordlist with bold pageno. Note that it is
%    impossible to give a 'language' here. If no association exists, then
%    the association is made now.
%\typeout{DEBUG: \#1= #1,\#2= #2, \#3= #3, \#4= #4}
  \IfBooleanTF#1{% Star
     {\AddToList{#2}[\csname dynnotes@#2\endcsname|textbf]}%
  }{}% [No]Star
%\typeout{DEBUG: pagenote 1}
  \pagenote[% Layout setup at customizing package pagenote
    \\%       insert a newline
%\typeout{DEBUG: pagenote 2}
\footnote{#3, \Dyn@NoteText~\pageref{en:\Dyn@Notes@Cnt:\thepagenote}}%
%\par DEBUG: note:\Dyn@Notes@Cnt:\theendnote, en:\Dyn@Notes@Cnt:\theendnote
\xspace}% DynNote



Testin pagenotes
The .ent file is different when run pdflatex or xelatex



File PNTest.ent-pdflatex / PNTest.ent-xelatex1

\noteentry{1}{\needspace {3\baselineskip }\hspace  *{-1em}\textbf  {\small \sffamily  Annotation\nobreakspace  {}1}\\ \textbf  {\footnotesize \sffamily  DynExample1}}{\\\label {en:0:1}\sffamily  DynText1}{1}

File PNTest.ent-xelatex2

\noteentry{1}{\needspace {3\baselineskip }\hspace  *{-1em}\textbf  {\small \sffamily  \def rm{sf}Annotation\nobreakspace {}1}\\ \textbf  {\footnotesize \sffamily  \def rm{sf}DynExample1}}{\\\label {en:0:1}\sffamily  \def rm{sf}DynText1}{1}

It looks like a bug in polyglossia It makes \sffamily fragile.

It works if you change your test file to look like:


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