I'd like to select a new font for the monospaced text such as those parts within a \texttt{} and code snippets in the minted context. (As far as I can tell, minted just uses the document's default typewriter font, so I don't think I need to touch its settings.) I just want to change to another monospaced font that looks all right and has a normal tilde character. How do I do that?


It's the \ttdefault command which normally takes care of this.

\texttt{How to use a typewriter font}% CM default typewriter font
\renewcommand\ttdefault{cmvtt} % selects CM typewriter proportional font
\texttt{How to use a typewriter font}
\renewcommand{\ttdefault}{pcr} % selects Courier font
\texttt{How to use a typewriter font}      

enter image description here

But indeed it's usually best to let dedicated packages as beramamono do this, since there can be a lot of subtleties behind fonts (of which I'm often not aware myself :-)

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