Been working on some economics lately, and was able to figure out how to put together some 2x2 payoff matrix's but not sure how to go about doing a 3x3. I would like to keep the same general idea if possible, i.e. the tikz picture.

Here is what I have used to generate a 2x2.

%third matrix
%learn how to do 3x3
\matrix[matrix of math nodes,every odd row/.style={align=right},every evenrow/.style={align=left},every node/.style={text width=1.5cm},row sep=0.2cm,column sep=0.2cm] (m) {
\draw (m.north east) rectangle (m.south west);
\draw (m.north) -- (m.south);
\draw (m.east) -- (m.west);

\coordinate (a) at ($(m.north west)!0.25!(m.north east)$);
\coordinate (b) at ($(m.north west)!0.75!(m.north east)$);
\node[above=5pt of a,anchor=base] {Left};
\node[above=5pt of b,anchor=base] {Right};

\coordinate (c) at ($(m.north west)!0.25!(m.south west)$);
\coordinate (d) at ($(m.north west)!0.75!(m.south west)$);
\node[left=2pt of c,text width=1cm]  {Up};
\node[left=2pt of d,text width=1cm]  {Down};

\node[above=18pt of m.north] (firm b) {Column};
\node[left=1.6cm of m.west,align=center,anchor=center] {Row};

%\node[above=5pt of firm b]  {Payoff Matrix};

enter image description here

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    The question is....? – user11232 Feb 15 '15 at 7:56
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    @HarishKumar: I think the OP wants to know how to modify his code for a 3 by 3 matrix. – Shahab Feb 15 '15 at 9:33
  • @Shahab And how does a 3 x 3 matrix look like? I don't know game theory! – user11232 Feb 15 '15 at 9:35
  • @HarishKumar: Basically 9 boxes instead of 4. – Shahab Feb 15 '15 at 9:36
  • @Shahab hehe. I think I know that much ;-) – user11232 Feb 15 '15 at 9:44

Please have a look at Will two-letter font style commands (\bf , \it , …) ever be resurrected in LaTeX?


\matrix[matrix of math nodes,draw,
every odd row/.style={align=right},every evenrow/.style={align=left},
nodes={text width=1.5cm},row sep=0.2cm,column sep=0.2cm] 
          (m) {2&3&6\\4&2&-1\\-1&0&0\\0&0&0\\2&3&6\\4&2&-1\\};
\foreach\x[count=\xi from 2,evaluate={\xx=int(2*\x);\xxi=int(\xx+1)}] in {1,2}{
  \draw ({$(m-1-\x)!0.5!(m-1-\xi)$}|-m.north) -- ({$(m-1-\x)!0.5!(m-1-\xi)$}|-m.south);
  \draw ({$(m-\xx-1)!0.5!(m-\xxi-1)$}-|m.west) -- ({$(m-\xx-1)!0.5!(m-\xxi-1)$}-|m.east);
\foreach\x in{0,1,2}{
  \node[text depth=0.25ex,above=2mm] at ($(m.north west)!{(2*\x+1)/6}!(m.north east)$) 
  \node[left=2mm] at ($(m.north west)!{(2*\x+1)/6}!(m.south west)$) 

\node[above=18pt of m.north] (firm b) {Column};
\node[left=1.6cm of m.west,align=center,anchor=center] {Row};

enter image description here

  • Don't you need .append style instead of .style to make keep the node entries math. The OP had some entries \bf, that ought to be \mathbf. – Andrew Swann Feb 15 '15 at 12:41
  • @AndrewSwann Oops. I didn't even pay attention. Fixed now via nodes. Thanks. I'll leave the node ornaments to OP though. – percusse Feb 15 '15 at 12:49
  • The \bf is entirely for me just highlighting the number for game purposes. – User011123521 Feb 15 '15 at 16:49

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