Eclipse/Texlipse puts a bunch of files in a sub-folder /tmp. I did not back those up as the folder name /tmp gave me the impression those can be easily rebuild from the .tex and .bib file. Now I recover from the backup and and neither "Force build" nor "Run BibTeX on next build" do the trick. I get the Error File not found: /project/tmp/file.aux.

How to recreate the .aux file? And what is it? Why does it live in /tmp if it is essential for building?

  • You can compile from the command line if TeXlipse isn't cooperative. As described, it is surely a bug. In some cases, the only way to recover from an error is to delete such files and compile again from scratch. So any editor which refuses to run the compilation without them is necessarily flawed. I don't know why an editor would even keep track of them. TeX does a perfectly good job on its own.
    – cfr
    Commented Feb 16, 2015 at 2:19
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  • Ok, thanks. But how is someone who has the same issue being helped now? The answer is now hidden in my comment for the first answer.
    – Max N
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The .aux file contains data from compilation, and it is used by LaTeX itself on subsequent compilation to resolve all cross-references, by BibTeX or biber to build bibliographies, etc.

I suppose it's in ./tmp (as do many editors) to prevent the main file directories from being full of dozens of those auxiliary files. LaTeX, a priori, knows where to find them.

To rebuild it, just Project > Clean... and recompile.

  • After some more searching around in Eclipse/texlipse I found it. It is called "Clean..." in the "Project" menu. That does the trick! Recompiling without that always fails.
    – Max N
    Commented Feb 16, 2015 at 2:22

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