I want to draw a tree where each edge has a certain weight visualized through both the line width as well as a label on the edge. Using TikZ, this is pretty easy:

        clabel/.style = { fill=white, circle, inner sep=1pt,font=\scriptsize},
    \Tree [.O
        \edge [line width = 2] node [clabel] {2}; L
        \edge [line width = 4] node [clabel] {4}; R

Since the tree I want to draw is rather large, I want to factor out the edge code, i.e. I would like to have a macro like

\def\edgeweight#1{\edge [line width = #1] node [clabel] {#1}; }

Unfortunately, LaTeX complains about the \edge command when I call this macro which I assume is because it appears outside of the \Tree command. Is there a way to fix this?

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Adding the following code to the preamble fixes the problem:


This solution is due to David Carlisle and is taken from here. Congrats to the guy who wrote the related questions detector, this took me straight to the right place!

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