I am currently using this kind of bibliography in LaTeX:

\begin{thebibliography}{1 cm}

\bibitem{Hochstadt}M.C. Weber, Sleeping Dogs, Journal of Medical Australia (1963) 930 - 932.


Now this kind of reference shows up with a number in front. I would rather like to use a abbreviation for the paper I am talking about: So for example Weber63 or something like that. How can I accomplish this?


You can specify the label for each \bibitem:

\begin{thebibliography}{1 cm}
  \bibitem[Weber63]{Hochstadt} ...

If you don’t specify the label for some entries, they will be numbered the normal way in their order of appearance:

\begin{thebibliography}{...}          % Render:
  \bibitem[a]{label1} First entry     % [a] First entry
  \bibitem{label2} Second entry       % [1] Second entry
  \bibitem[b]{label3} Third entry     % [b] Third entry
  \bibitem{label4} Fourth entry       % [2] Fourth entry
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