I have this counter which I have defined using \newcounter{myCounter}.

Printing the value of myCounter can be easily done via \arabic{myCounter}. How can I print the value of (myCounter - 2)?


Either use the \label-\ref system if you're stepping myCounter via \refstepcounter system, or manually calculate it via \numexpr:

enter image description here



\verb|\themyCounter:     | \themyCounter

\verb|\arabic{myCounter}:| \arabic{myCounter}


\verb|\themyCounter:     | \themyCounter

\verb|\themyCounter:     | \themyCounter


\verb|\ref{myLabel}:     | \ref{myLabel}

\verb|Calculation:       | \number\numexpr\value{myCounter}-2\relax


\the<counter> is usually used to represent the value of <counter>, and is defined as \arabic{<counter>} by default. As reference, see The \the command.

More options exist (with LaTeX's fp and LaTeX3's l3fp) if you want to perform more intricate calculations.

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