I have used makebst to create my Harvard-bibliography.

Jiang, W., Koguchi, K. and Schulzrinne, H. (2003), ‘QoS evaluation of VoIP end- points’, ‘IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2003. ICC’03.’, pp. 1917–1921.

The entry in the bib-file:

title = {{QoS} evaluation of {VoIP} end-points},
booktitle = {{IEEE} International Conference on Communications, 2003. {ICC'03.}},
author = {Jiang, W. and Koguchi, K. and Schulzrinne, H.},
month = may,
year = {2003},
pages = {1917--1921}}

I want to remove the quotes around the booktitle ‘IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2003. ICC’03.’ and make it italic, for all inproceedings and probably for other entries too.

Which alternative in which question in the .btj-file should I choose to make it like mentioned above?

I'm using Lyx, so if it's possible I could add a TeX command to adjust.

  • Should that read .dbj-file instead of .btj-file?
    – krlmlr
    Sep 8, 2015 at 22:18

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During the makebst-session:


(*) Quote collection and proceedings titles too

(x) Collection and proceedings titles not in quotes

Choose x.

It's unnecessary to redo the whole session (like I did four times), just open up the dbj-file and comment out the wrong answers, and remove the comment-sign (%) at the correct answers. Just remove one comment-sign at the relevant answer, sometimes there's a purpose to have a second comment-sign at some answers.

Then open up your terminal and call on the edited dbj-file that generates the bst-file.

latex foo.dbj

Where foo is the name you choose in the beginning of the session.

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