I need to create a function that will transform a string such as:


into this:

Hello \\ Bye

I have tried using StrSubstitute (from the xstring package) without success. I have attempted things along these lines:

\newcommand{\TRANSFORM}[1]{\StrSubstitute{#1}{\textbackslash{}}{ \noexpand\\ }}


You could just temporarily redefine the meaning of \textbackslash, letting it to \\:

enter image description here


\setlength{\parindent}{0pt}% Just for this example





You need to use the \noexpandarg mode of xstring, so it won't try expanding its arguments:


%\noexpandarg % set \noexpandarg globally

  \saveexpandmode\noexpandarg % set \noexpandarg locally
  \restoreexpandmode % restore the previous mode




Depending on your usage of xstring, you might also set \noexpandarg globally (by commenting/uncommenting the relevant lines).

Of course, in this case, redefining a macro is better:

\newcommand\TRANSFORM[1]{{% open a group

Why \renewcommand and not \let? Because this redefinition also swallows {}.

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