Scientific Reports now links to a template on Overleaf.

I don't feel too well about uploading the sourcecode of my paper to some website I hadn't heard about before. That's why I tried to simply use the source of the template. The problem is I could not compile it myself since I do not have the classfile wlscirep.cls. Where can I get it?

Additionally, this answer to Latex template for Scientific Reports (Nature) seems to be still valid. Should I ignore the Overleaf template and simply use revtex like before?

  • OverLeaf is the old writeLatex, in case its old name gives you some confidence. You can alternatively open the template in overleaf, clone it using git with the link they give you, and that should download you the required class. Commented Jun 4, 2015 at 11:38

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It's very easy, you open the document ("Open as template"), and click on "Project". Then you can either "Download as zip" or just open the file "wlscirep.cls" directly online to view in the Overleaf editor.

I would use the template from Overleaf (either downloaded or online), that way you should always get the current requirements.

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    since overleaf documents have git access, is it possible to git-clone a template to always get the current requirements?
    – pseyfert
    Commented Feb 19, 2018 at 9:24

"Download as zip" was not there in my case (2018/10/27) at project view. However, by going up a view:

enter image description here

You can still download your project:

enter image description here


project -> choose a template -> open as template -> menu -> download as source


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