Is there a way to write the equivalent of \rightarrow in text mode?

I tried but it threw an error, and the math arrow complained about bad environment.

It doesn't need to be exactly the same arrow, I just want to write something like "A → B" as in A points to B.

  • You can use A$\,\to\,$B – Gonzalo Medina Feb 20 '15 at 18:24
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    Why not $\rightarrow$? – egreg Feb 20 '15 at 18:24
  • I hoped there's a cleaner way than making a math context just for the one arrow, but yeah that'll do the trick as well. – MightyPork Feb 20 '15 at 18:24
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    @MightyPork there's a text-mode option. See my answer below. – Gonzalo Medina Feb 20 '15 at 18:29
  • @c.p. Not here, they are names of nodes, not math related. If they were points, yeah. – MightyPork Feb 20 '15 at 18:34

You can use something like A$\,\to\,$B or A\textrightarrow B (in text mode) from the textcomp package:




A\textrightarrow B


enter image description here

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    If you want space around the arrow, use this instead: A \textrightarrow{} B – Nathaniel M. Beaver Nov 4 '16 at 22:14
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    BTW: List of all available symbols in textcomp package is available here. Unfortunately there is no \textleftrightarrow (equivalent of \leftrightarrow that is available in math mode). – patryk.beza Jan 3 '17 at 10:55

With fontspec, you can simply paste the Unicode glyphs for arrows after selecting any font that contains them, or use commands such as \char"2194 or \symbol.

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