I have a figure which uses pattern. The same behavior I notice with one of the examples of pgfplots, http://pgfplots.sourceforge.net/pgfplots.pdf page 211.

When I use envince everything looks normal see this image

enter image description here

But when I want to use pdfpc (see Is there a specialized Pdf viewer for Latex-Beamer presentations on Linux?) to give a presentation, I get the following figure

enter image description here

Is this solvable? By either editing the tikz code a bit or by pdfpc? I guess the problem lies with pdfpc which probably uses a different pdf renderer.

I also tried compiling the plot seperatly using the \documentclass{standalone} and then embed the figure .pdf into the presentation. This leads however to the same result.

The only result which I see if it cannot be fixed by either editing the code or being able to do something with pdfpc is by saving the figure as a .png or .jpg. I however rather not want to do that. Since I embed most of my tikz figures directly in my presentation such that I can animate them using \only and \onslide.

However maybe there are some other solutions? Maybe using a different pattern?

I hope someone can help me with this.

The code:

\begin{axis}[area legend,
axis x line=bottom,
axis y line=left,
legend style={at={(0.03,0.97)},
anchor=north west},
axis on top,xmin=0]
\addplot[pattern=crosshatch dots,
pattern color=blue,draw=blue,
{sqrt(x)} \closedcycle;
pattern color=blue!30!white,
{x^2} \closedcycle;
\addplot[red,line legend] coordinates {(0,0) (1,1)};
\legend{$\sqrt x$,$x^2$,$x$}

-- Edit --

I believe the problem is with a pdf library which I have installed or the graphics driver. On a different laptop, which has ubuntu 12.04 (I have ubuntu 14.04) there is no problem...

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I had the same problem, patterns that were supposed to be clipped. I found that after updating from the stable version in my distribution's repos (pdfpc-3.1.1) to the most current version (4.0.3) this was resolved. I could not find the relevant issue in their bug tracker.

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