I would like my frametitle bg to fade horizontally to a background image.

I have attempted to modify the solution for vertical gradients found here: Beamer theme with fading (=gradient to transparent) to background image by replacing "fade bottom" with "fade right", etc. However I cannot get the frametitle to appear within the horizontally faded area (or to overlay any other text in this area)---the solution given here creates a faded overlay beneath the frame title (whereas I want the faded overlay to be behind the title). Essentialy, what I want is a fade-to-transparent version of what is found here: How can I have a horizontally shaded frametitle in beamer?

I am using the Madrid theme.

I would much appreciate any help you can offer.


Edit: (apologetically inelegant) code follows:


%For the semi-transparent text boxes
\newmdenv[tikzsetting={draw=black,fill=tan,fill opacity=0.92, line width=0pt},

\title{My title}
\institute{My institute}

%For the semi-transparent footline
\pgfsetfillopacity{.65}\begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.333333\paperwidth,ht=2.25ex,dp=1ex,center]{author in head/foot}%
\usebeamerfont{author in head/foot}\pgfsetfillopacity{1}\insertshortauthor~~(\insertshortinstitute)
\pgfsetfillopacity{.75}\begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.333333\paperwidth,ht=2.25ex,dp=1ex,center]{title in head/foot}%
\usebeamerfont{title in head/foot}\pgfsetfillopacity{1}\insertshorttitle
\pgfsetfillopacity{.65}\begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.333333\paperwidth,ht=2.25ex,dp=1ex,right]{date in head/foot}%
\usebeamerfont{date in head/foot}\pgfsetfillopacity{1}\insertshortdate{}\hspace*{2em}
\insertframenumber{} / \inserttotalframenumber\hspace*{2ex}

%Various color/structure definitions (some of the custom colors are used elsewhere)
\setbeamercolor*{palette primary}{use=structure,fg=tan,bg=mypurple}
\setbeamercolor*{palette secondary}{use=structure,fg=mypurple,bg=tan}
\setbeamercolor*{palette tertiary}{use=structure,fg=tan,bg=mypurple}
\setbeamercolor{item projected}{fg=white,bg=mypurple}
\setbeamertemplate{enumerate items}[default]
\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}
\setbeamercolor{block title}{fg=mypurple}
\setbeamercolor{local structure}{fg=mypurple}
\setbeamertemplate{itemize item}[triangle]
\setbeamercolor{block title}{fg=white,bg=mypurple}
\setbeamercolor{block body}{fg=black,bg=wyte}
\setbeamercolor{title}{fg=black, bg=mytan}
\setbeamertemplate{title page}[default][colsep=-4bp,rounded=true]


%For background image


My Title

\begin{frame}{Introduction}%The title bg here is what I want to fade; but not the fg
Goal of the talk...

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    – cfr
    Feb 22, 2015 at 21:59

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Here is a solution. It's rather inelegant as it involves vertical re-positioning of separate boxes---one for the fade, and a separate for the frametitle. The right hand side of the fade is somewhat sharper than I'd like, but here goes the relevant code addition:

\usetikzlibrary{fadings}%To set up the fade parameters
\begin{tikzfadingfrompicture}[name=fade right]
\shade[left color=transparent!15,
right color=transparent!100] (0,0) rectangle (2,2);

\hbox{%For the fade box---this has to come first otherwise the title won't appear ``on top'' of the faded box                                                                                                                                                                                                            
\tikz\fill[scale=1.5,path fading= fade right, mypurple] (0,0) rectangle (.45\paperwidth,0.5);


\hbox{%For the frame title
\pgfsetfillopacity{0}\begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=\paperwidth,ht=5.5ex,dp=3ex,left]{frame title}%
\usebeamerfont{frame title}\pgfsetfillopacity{1}\hspace{1em}{\large\insertframetitle}

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