I am using MiKTeX 2.9 on Windows, and am working with TeXnicCenter. I can see in the build profiles that LaTeX can take command-line options, for instance:

--src -interaction=nonstopmode

Try as I might, I cannot find anywhere on the net a list of these command line options and their purpose. Can anyone supply a link to these?


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Most command line programs accept parameters like --help (originally from Unix) or /? (originally from Windows) that list their common options. latex (namely, pdftex, which is latex these days) is not an exception and recognizes --help. The same applies to other TeX engines like xetex or luatex.

On Unix, you can also type man pdftex etc. to read these programs' manual pages. MikTeX has them online; and TeX Live has the man pages in PDF format on your computer.

Modern TeX distributions (e.g. MiKTeX and TeX Live) have a texdoc command line tool. You can use

texdoc pdflatex

to get the document of pdflatex. Similarly, you can use texdoc --help or even texdoc texdoc to get help of the texdoc tool.


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