Is it possible to add text below the x-axis in a Gantt chart. For example, assume I have a simple Gantt chart with two tasks

\begin{ganttchart}[vgrid, hgrid]{12}
\gantttitle{Title}{12} \\
\ganttbar{Task 1}{0}{3} \\
\ganttbar{Task 2}{3}{10} 

I'd like to add text below some of the vertical grid lines in the Gantt chart. For example, below the vertical grid line where Task 1 ends I'd like to add the text "T_1" and add "T_2" below the vertical grid line where Task 2 starts. Is this possible?


Here's one way to do it using a variation of Paul Gessler's nice answer to How to draw a vertical line at a specified date in a Gantt chart?:


\@gtt@keydef{anyday offset}{1}
\@gtt@stylekeydef{anyday rule}{dashed, line width=1pt}
\@gtt@keydef{anyday label font}{\normalfont}
\@gtt@stylekeydef{anyday label node}{%
  anchor=north, font=\ganttvalueof{anyday label font}%


    \gtt@lasttitleline * \ganttvalueof{y unit title}%
    \gtt@lasttitleline * \ganttvalueof{y unit title}%
      + (\gtt@currentline - \gtt@lasttitleline - 1)%
      * \ganttvalueof{y unit chart}%
    (\gtt@anyday@slot - 1 + \ganttvalueof{anyday offset})%
      * \ganttvalueof{x unit}%
  \node [/pgfgantt/anyday label node]
     at (\x@mid pt, \y@lower pt) {#2};


\begin{ganttchart}[vgrid, hgrid]{1}{12}
\gantttitle{Title}{12} \\
\ganttbar{Task 1}{1}{3} \\
\ganttbar{Task 2}{3}{12}  \\


enter image description here

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