I have a question very similar to Is there a quick way to jump out of brackets in TexMaker? but regarding TeXStudio. When I open some kind of bracket (any kind), TeXstudio automatically adds corresponding closing bracket in a small black box, see the picture.

(source: schurov.com)

I want to write something in the brackets and then press a hotkey to jump out of the brackets (i.e. place the cursor after the closing bracket). I believe that the black box suggests that it is possible because it is visually similar to the black box around a placeholder. However, the usual hotkey used to go to the next placeholder doesn't work. Edit → Go To → Next mark doesn't work either.

Personally, I'm ok to press two times, but that black boxes around the closing brackets are annoying.

It seems to be something very simple but I didn't find answer in the docs or google, really.

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It's really as simple as typing ).

There's also Idefix -> Remove Placeholders (Ctrl+Shift+K).

  • What about jumping out of curly braces? It seems that type } does not work! Commented Aug 20, 2023 at 11:24

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