I'm using the expex package to write examples (in linguistics articles). This package, according to the documentation, allows one to draw arrows (to represent movement in syntax). There is a section about pstricks to do this p. 74 of the documentation on the expex package.

Here is a minimal working example (copied and pasted from the expex documention) that I cannot get to compile and I don't understand why.


\usepackage{pstricks} % Apparently this is required to draw arrow with Expex (see p.74 of Expec doc)
\usepackage{expex}  % package for glosses
\lingset{everygla=,aboveglftskip=0pt,*=?*, textoffset=!-.6em, everyglb=\footnotesize, everyglft=\slshape} % changes style of glosses


This is a "control item", showing that the problem really comes from adding the stuff to draw arrows.

\def\\#1(#2){\rnode{#2}{\strut #1}} %
\vrule height0pt depth5.3ex width0pt
\\Whom(A) did John persuade \\t(B) [ PRO to visit \\whom(C) ]


The result should look like this. (This snapshot is taken from the expex documentation p 74.)

enter image description here

Thanks for your help!

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    Welcome to TeX.SX! If I add \usepackage{pst-node} to the file, then it compiles, but it does not produce the desired result.
    – Adam Liter
    Mar 3 '15 at 3:48

If using TikZ is an option, this can be easily done:

enter image description here

The code:


\lingset{everygla=,aboveglftskip=0pt,*=?*, textoffset=!-.6em, everyglb=\footnotesize, everyglft=\slshape}

  \tikz[remember picture]\node[inner sep=0pt,outer sep=0pt] (#1) {#2};%

\tikz[remember picture,overlay]
  \draw[->,rounded corners,line width=0.8pt,shorten >= 2pt,shorten <= 2pt,#1] 
    (#2) -- ++(0,-#6\ht\strutbox) coordinate (aux) -- node[#4] {#5} (#3|-aux) -- (#3);


W\Tikzmark{enda}{h}\Tikzmark{endb}{o}m(A) did John persuade \Tikzmark{starta}{t}(B) [ PRO to visit w\Tikzmark{startb}{h}om(C) ]


You use \Tikzmark to place some marks and then \DrawArrow to draw the arrow between the marks.

The \DrawArrow command has syntax

\DrawArrow[<tikz options>]{<start-mark>}{<end-mark>}{<options for the node>}{<label>}[<vertical shift>]

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