Summary: I'm trying to figure out how to switch between [author-last-name et al. year] and author-last-name [year] formatting using the ACM-Reference-Format-Journals format.


I'm using the ACM Small Standard Format and I noticed a paper that sometime has references with [Author year] in brackets and sometimes just the year. What I want to do is probably clearer looking at an example from another paper:

enter image description here

The Java programs[Kazi and Lilja 2000] citation uses the "[Author year]" style, while Bhowmik and Franklin [2002] uses the "Author [year]" style.

I looked at the ACM-Reference-Format-Journals.bst and saw that the comments seem to indicate different citation formation options exist. But it's not clear to me how to select the format I want for various differnt cite{...} citations in my latex file. So my question is how can I pick between two different formats.

%   Citation format: [author-last-name year]
%             [author-last-name and author-last-name year]
%             [author-last-name, author-last-name, and author-last-name year]
%             [author-last-name et al. year]
%             [author-last-name]
%             author-last-name [year]
%             [author-last-name and author-last-name]
%             [author-last-name et al.]
%             [year] or [year,year]
%             year or year,year

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From the documentation acmsmall-guide.pdf (page 1:11):

enter image description here

So you need to use \citeN or \citeyear. A little example:








enter image description here

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