I want to update the Smart Art diagram down below: First diagram

to the following one: Final diagram.

My source code for the first one is:


  \begin{tikzpicture}[scale=.9,transform shape]
      every node/.style={draw,rounded corners,font=\fontsize{14}{16}\selectfont\bfseries,align=center,on grid,inner sep=8pt},
      node distance=2cm and 9cm,
      every path/.style={line width=2pt,line cap=round}
    \node (c1)[]{
      Almost uniform
    \node (c2) [left =of c1,] {Complete convergence};
    \node (c3) [below = of c2,] {Strong convergence};
    \node (c4) [below = of c1,] {Almost everywhere convergence};
    \node (c5) [right =of c4,] {Asymptotically uniformly \\ convergence};
    \node (c6) [below left =6cm and 9cm of c4,] {Convergence in probability};
    \node (c7) [below right =3cm and 9cm of c4,] {
      Convergence in \\
      $r$th mean, $r>0$
    \node (c12) [below=3cm of c7,] {Convergence in $L^q,0<q<r$};
    \node (c8) [below =5cm of c6,] {Convergence in distribution};
    \node (c9) [right=of c8,] {Convergence ($P_{X_n}\rightarrow P_X$)};
    \node (c10) [right =of c9,] {
      Convergence in characteristic\\

    \draw[bend left=45,black,latex-,line width=2pt] (c3.west) to (c2.west);
    \draw[bend left=45,blue,latex-,line width=2pt] (c2.east) to (c3.east);
    \draw[black,latex-,->,line width=2pt] (c4.west) to (c3.east);
    \draw[black,latex-,->,line width=2pt] (c1.south) to (c4.north);
    \draw[black,latex-,<->,line width=2pt] (c5) to (c4);
    \draw[bend left=25,black,latex-,line width=2pt] (c6.north) to (c4.south west);
    \draw[bend left=25,red,latex-,line width=2pt] (c4.south) to (c6.east);
    \draw[bend left=10,red,latex-,line width=2pt] (c4.south east) to (c7.north);
    \draw[bend left=25,blue,latex-,line width=2pt] (c7.west) to (c4.south);
    \draw[black,latex-,->,line width=2pt] (c7) to (c12);
    \draw[bend left=45,black,latex-,line width=2pt] (c8.west) to (c6.west);
    \draw[bend left=45,blue,latex-,line width=2pt] (c6.east) to (c8.east);
    \draw[black,latex-,<->,line width=2pt] (c8) to (c9);
    \draw[black,latex-,<->,line width=2pt] (c9) to (c10);
    \draw[bend left=35,blue,latex-,line width=2pt] (c4.south) to (c8.east);

    \coordinate(sep aux)at($(c6)!.5!(c8)$);
    \coordinate(sep)at($(current bounding box.west|-sep aux)+(-2cm,0)$);
    \coordinate(T1)at($(current bounding box.north west-|sep)!.5!(sep)$);
    \coordinate(T2)at($(current bounding box.south west-|sep)!.5!(sep)$);

    \draw(sep)--(sep-|current bounding box.east);
    \node[anchor=west,draw=none]at(T1){\Large Type I};
    \node[anchor=west,draw=none]at(T2){\Large Type II};



My problems in constructing the new details are:

  1. I don't find a manner how include a label above the arrow.
  2. Then the construction of the blue left arrow (labeled Skorohod), I have tried a lot of combinations for the curvature but never seen like I am waiting for.
  3. Moving the Type X on up-right.
  4. My professor recomands me to use another type of arrow, dot arrow, double arrow or another decoration arrow, but the simple commands have no effects.
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    Welcome to TeX.SX! You have some bugs in your code, it doesn't compile without error. Could you fix those? Also, why do use $$ \draw ...$$ in the last three tikzpictures? Those double dollar signs shouldn't be there. Commented Mar 4, 2015 at 11:47
  • I have just compiled and no errors, just one bad box...I used WinEdit 8.0.
    – teo
    Commented Mar 4, 2015 at 20:39
  • Well no, now it's fine, but if you try the original code you posted, that did not work. By the way, it looks like you have two accounts. You can have them merged by doing what's described here: tex.stackexchange.com/help/merging-accounts Commented Mar 4, 2015 at 22:08
  • @teo Don't use <pre>...</pre>. To create code blocks or other preformatted text, indent by four spaces (select your code then press C-k). Commented Mar 4, 2015 at 22:27

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Here is an approach done by . You can take most of the commands I am using in normal TikZ as well.

% arara: pdflatex


        ,every path/.style={%
            ,line width=2pt
            ,line cap=round
        ,column sep=4em,row sep=5ex
        ,cells={nodes={draw, rounded corners, align=center,font=\fontsize{14}{16}\selectfont\bfseries, inner sep=8pt}}
        ,every arrow/.append style={line width=2pt,-latex}
        ,every label/.append style={black,font=\Large,align=center}
        ,every matrix/.append style={name=m}
        ,execute at end picture={%
            \node [above=3ex, font=\Large\bfseries] at (X.north) {Type 1};
            \node [below=3ex, font=\Large\bfseries] at (Y.south) {Type 2};
            \draw (current bounding box.190) -- (current bounding box.350);
        Complete convergence \dar[start anchor=west, end anchor=west, bend right=45]& 
        Almost uniform convergence \dar&\\
        Strong convergence \ar[blue, start anchor=east, end anchor= east, bend right=45]{u}& 
        Almost everywhere convergence\ar[start anchor=190, bend right=20]{ddl}\lar\ar[latex-latex]{r}\ar[blue, bend right=10, end anchor=west]{dr}[swap]{Lebesgue}& 
        |[alias=X]|\textCD{Asymptotically uniformly\\convergence}\\
        & & \textCD{Convergence in\\$r$th mean, $r>0$}\ar[red, start anchor=north, end anchor=south east, out=150, in=320]{ul}\\
        Convergence in probability\ar[xshift=-5em]{dd}\ar[red,start anchor={[yshift=1em]east}, bend right]{uur}\ar[start anchor=east]{urr}\ar[blue,bend right=10, start anchor={[yshift=-1em]east}, end anchor=south west]{urr}[swap]{Lebesgue} & &
        Convergence in $L^q,0<q<r$\\
        Convergence in distribution\ar[latex-latex]{r}{Levy}\ar[blue,xshift=5em]{uu}\ar[blue, start anchor=north west, out=140, end anchor=south west, in=190]{uuuur}{Scorohod} & 
        Convergence $(P_{X_n}\rightarrow P_X)$\ar[latex-latex]{r} &
        |[alias=Y]|\textCD{Convergence in characteristic\\function}\\

enter image description here

You may try arrow options such as dotted, dashed, dash, Rightarrow, equal...

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