I've added the following code from this answer:

\addtobeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}{%

I was wondering if there is an easy addition to make the page number font larger?

PS. I don't quite understand what that code does.

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You can simply put \large or \huge or whatever you like before \insertframenumber.

This code adds the frame number (with \insertframenumber) a slash, and the total frame number (with \inserttotalframenumber) to the already defined navigation symbols template. It also tells beamer to use the font defined as footline and the foreground (fg) color also defined as footline. This comes a horizontal space of 1em after the existing navigation symbols. The following code might help clarify. Note I've changed the color to match the title, and made the font \huge.

\addtobeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}{%

enter image description here


A simpler version than the selected answer, which produces the same result:

\setbeamertemplate{footline}[frame number]{}

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