I would like to use biblatex (specifically, biblatex-chicago) to cite an author inside the \dictum command of scrbook.

Here's my MWE, which produces some errors.



    title={Principles of Economics},
    subtitle={An Introductory Volume},
    author={Marshall, Alfred},
    publisher={Macmillan and Co.},

    \setchapterpreamble[u]{\dictum[\textcite[][782]{Marshall1920}]{If we shut our eyes to realities we may construct an edifice of pure crystal by imaginations, that will grow side lights on real problems; and might conceivably be of interest to beings who had no economic problems like our own.}}
\chapter{A chapter heading}


It also produces a missing font related warning, but I thought I would not modify the font for the sake of keeping the example as minimal as possible.

I would rather continue using \dictum rather than switching to package epigraph or something similar, if this is possible.

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    You probably need an extra pair of braces: \dictum[{\textcite[][782]{Marshall1920}}]{...} (there is a question about this somewhere on tex.sx...)
    – cgnieder
    Mar 6 '15 at 14:51
  • Ah yes you are right. I didn't think this one would be so easy!
    – Mathieu B.
    Mar 6 '15 at 14:59

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