I'm using biblatex with biber to write a CV. In my bibliography, biblatex seems to merge all the entries into one. I cannot understand why. I found quite a few questions on TeX.SX where users wanted to merge entries and had to enable it explicitly using sets. This makes it even more puzzling since I'm doing nothing like that! A MWE is shown below.



\newcommand*{\acadtitle}{}      % Academic title goes here
\newcommand*{\addresscity}{City, Country}
\newcommand*{\address}[2]{\addressstreet{#1}, \addresscity{#2}}
\newcommand*{\mobile}{+1 2 34 56 7890}




\section{Personal Information}
\cvline{Birth}{01\textsuperscript{st} Jan, 1900}

\section{Academic history}
\cventry{2012--present}{Foo}{Bar}{Baz}{}{Some comment.}

\section{Research projects}
\cvline{Measuring FOO}{bla bla}
\cvline{Measuring BAR}{bla bla}
\cvline{Measuring BAZ}{bla bla}



  author         = {Bar, Foo and others},
  title          = {Measure {FOO}},
  year           = {2011},
  author        = {Baz, Bar and others},
  title         = {Measure {FOO}},
  year          = {2014},

Merged entries in the bibliography

Edit: Based on @moewe's suggestion, I resolved my issue by undefining \quote like this: \let\quote=\relax.

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    Looks like an issue with koma-moderncvclassic to me: it only happens if that package is loaded and \maketitle is present. – Joseph Wright Mar 6 '15 at 18:00

The answer as Joseph Wright pointed out in the comments lies in koma-moderncvclassic's \maketitle.

Just at the end we find


That is \maketitle checks for a \quote command and if it exists prints it in a minipage.

Since the \quote command exists in your document this behaviour is triggered and the minipage is set, slightly influencing the space of the following text.

We can change \maketitle to do the same thing except for using \myquote instead of \quote thus avoiding the naming clash.

% name and title
  % optional data
% optional photo
% optional quote
  • Thanks, this seems to work. However instead of redefining \maketitle I undefined \quote since I'm not using it. Although I'm getting a few Underfull \hbox warnings now. I don't quite understand though how this was affecting the bibliography. – suvayu Mar 6 '15 at 19:49

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