I have several slides in a beamer presentation where i'm presenting some programming code. However, the font ends up being too large and isn't fully featured on the slide. How can I change the font on the verbatim on a beamer slide. Furthermore, is there a way to keep it left alligned, but move it closer to the center of the slide.

> library(apsrtable)
> y = rnorm(100)
> x1 = rnorm(100)*3
> mod1 = lm(y ~ x1)

> y2 = rnorm(150)
> x1 = rnorm(150)*3
> mod2 = lm(y2 ~ x1)

> y3 = rnorm(130)
> x1 = rnorm(130)*3
> mod3 = lm(y3 ~ x1)

> apsrtable(mod1, mod2, mod3)



if you want to change it for all frames, write into the preamble:


However, package listings or fancyvrb allow more flexible verbatim modes

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