I am using a bibfile with an @INREFERENCE entry. Surprisingly when cited the title of the lexicon is not shown.

Here is my minimal example:

\usepackage[backend=biber, bibstyle=footnote-dw, citestyle=footnote-dw]{biblatex}
    The title of the encyclopedia is missing!\footcite{Article}

where the content of bibliography.bib is:

    TITLE       = {Some Encyclopedia},
    EDITOR      = {Editor, Just An},

    AUTHOR      = {Scientist, Fancy},
    TITLE       = {Just some article},
    CROSSREF    = {Encyclopedia},

The resulting footnote looks like:

Fancy Scientist: art. "Just some article". In: Just An Editor (ed.).

Expected / desired output would be

Fancy Scientist: art. "Just some article". In: Some encyclopedia, Just An Editor (ed.).

It does not seem to depend on the citestyle (I checked verbose, verbose-ibid, authortitle, authoryear, authortitle-dw and authoryear-dw)

I cannot use @INBOOK as a workaround since I need the @INREFERENCE-entries marked by an "art." which I obtain with citesteyle footnote-dw

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Arrgh. After hours of searching the idea came to me just after posting the question here: The title of the crossrefed encyclopedia has to be given by

BOOKTITLE = {Some encyclopedia},

But anyway: Strange that the problem does not occur when using @INBOOK instead of @INREFERENCE

  • The problem is that, fundamentally, should be of type @reference (or @incollection, in most styles the former is an alias of the latter); naturally @inreferences can only occur in @references. The types have to match: Either @inbook in a @book, or or @inreference in a @reference.
    – moewe
    Commented Apr 5, 2015 at 8:21

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