I was wondering if it is possible to draw line which goes through some columns in table(not all columns). I have a table which looks like that

\caption{some text }
\multirow{2}{*}{Shape} & \multirow{2}{*}{$C^{*}$} & \multirow{2}{*}{$C_{0}$} &\multirow{2}{*}{$N$} & \multicolumn{4}{|c|}{\textbf{Noisless data}} & \multicolumn{4}{|c|}{\textbf{Noisy data}} \\
& & & & $J_{b}$ & $J_{a}$ & time[s] & $\rho$  & $J_{b}$ & $J_{a}$ & time[s] & $\rho$ \\ \hline


The problem is that text which is placed in multirow command is crossed by line. Is it possible to prevent a line from going through all columns ?


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instead of the second \hline use \cline{5-12}

And by the way: you can write \begin{longtable}{|*{12}{c|}} for your tabular definition

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