I'm using the template Deedy-Resume to create my resume. English version works fine, however I'm not sure how to create a Chinese version properly. I used the package xeCJK. The fonts are rendered but their colors in each customized command don't change according to each \color specified. Instead they all just stick to the color I set in \setCJKmainfont.

The author of the template class defined a customized command as such: \newcommand{\location}[1]{\color{headings}\raggedright\fontspec{Raleway-Medium}\fontsize{10pt}{12pt}\selectfont {#1\\} \normalfont}. I guess the \color here only works for English texts. Even if I specified \color explicitly for each command in my .tex file, there's no effect.

Is there a way to set CJK text colors for customized commands to be different than that set in \setCJKmainfont in xeCJK? Or do I have to resort to some other means?

Thank you.

(The class file for the template I'm using can be found at https://github.com/deedydas/Deedy-Resume/blob/master/OpenFonts/deedy-resume-openfont.cls)

  • An easy way may be to define a command for CJK string: \newcommand{\locationcjk}[1]{ \color{headings}\raggedright\fontspec{Your-CJKfontName} \fontsize{10pt}{12pt}\selectfont {#1\\} \normalfont}, where Your-CJKfontName should be an actual font name which you have. Mar 13, 2015 at 14:02
  • Try remove colors from \setCJKmainfont and use \color{some}\rmfamily instead of rmfamily.
    – Symbol 1
    Mar 13, 2015 at 15:11


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