I am using the cleanthesis template. In this template, there is no paragraph by default.

As explained in Getting back the paragraph in cleanThesis?, the paragraph can be re-established by commenting out


in the style class and



    paper=A4,                   % paper size --> A4 is default in Germany
    twoside=true,               % onesite or twoside printing
    openright,                  % doublepage cleaning ends up right side
    %parskip=full,              % spacing value / method for paragraphs
    chapterprefix=true,         % prefix for chapter marks
    11pt,                       % font size
    headings=normal,            % size of headings
    bibliography=totoc,         % include bib in toc
    listof=totoc,               % include listof entries in toc
    titlepage=on,               % own page for each title page
    captions=tableabove,        % display table captions above the float env
    draft=false,                % value for draft version

After changing this, the header of each chapter does look very crowded and the chapter title is not anymore on the bottom line. How can I keep the paragraph without destroying the header of each chapter?

If the answer is "Build your own thesis template", then I would like to know how I can reproduce the same header of each chapter in the memoir class.

Before re-establish paragraph: enter image description here

After adding paragraph: enter image description here

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Without changing anything in cleanthesis.sty, add the following lines in your document, just before \begin{document}



enter image description here


In cleanthesis.sty replace -2.1em by -1.1em or something that you like

    {-2.1em}%   % ------> here

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