The figure shown below contains "dots" scattered randomly using \psRandom from the pstricks-add package. I need the capability of regenerating the same pattern for several figures (and in time, gif animations). Moreover, I also want to find a seed that produces a "better" set of "dots".

I am using psRandom because I am new to pstricks and, apart from being able to select the seed, it has exactly the functionality I need. (I did have a look at the pstricks-add manual (from 2004) but it does not mention it as a possible option.)

Does anyone have a suggestion to how I can fix this? I imagine that the seed is set in a variable that I should be able to overwrite...

enter image description here

I am open to alternatives not involving psRandom. However, I am trying to move away from tikz and I am therefore looking for a solution using pstricks.

Thank you very much for your help. The tex file shown below will reproduce the figure.

% summary: Figure containing random dots...
%          execute the following commands sequentially in order to typeset.
%          $ latex texput.tex
%          $ dvips texput.dvi
%          $ ps2pdf texput.ps


% Magenta dots
\psRandom[dotstyle=o, fillstyle=solid, fillcolor=\myMagenta,%
linecolor=\myGreen, randomPoints=20, dotsize=\myWidth]%
( \myFrame, \myFrame)%
% Cyan dots
( \myFrame, \myFrame)%
% Black dots
( 5,-5)%
( 7, 5)%
{\psframe[linecolor=black,linestyle=dashed]( 5, -5)( 7, 5)}
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The file pstricks-add.tex initialized the random number generator by the command

rrand srand

in the macro \psRandom@iii.

To make the result reproducible, we need to change rrand to any constant number, say, 42.

Put in the preamble of your document (after \usepackage{pstricks-add})

    \pst@tempA\space /yMin exch def 
    /xMin exch def
    \pst@tempB\space /yMax exch def 
    /xMax exch def 
    /dy yMax yMin sub def
    /dx xMax xMin sub def
    42 srand                 % initializes the random generator
    /getRandReal { rand 2147483647 div } def
    \psk@dotsize % defines /DS ... def
    \psk@randomPoints {
     \ifPst@color getRandReal getRandReal getRandReal setrgbcolor \fi
     getRandReal dx mul xMin add
     getRandReal dy mul yMin add
     \ifx\psk@fillstyle\psfs@solid fill \fi stroke
    } repeat
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  • I keep on being amazed of how much knowledge many of you have. May I suggest a couple of additions: Just after "makealetter" add the following two lines: \define@key[psset]{pstricks-add}{setSeed}[0]{\pst@checknum{#1}\psk@setSeed} and \psset[pstricks-add]{setSeed=0} Replace 42srand by: \psk@setSeed\space cvi dup 0 eq { pop rrand } if srand Now the seed can be set easily using: \psRandom[setSeed=42,...](xmin,ymin)(xmax,ymax){} – Sigve Karolius Mar 19 '15 at 14:06
  • It is a good suggestion. Maybe you could send it to Herbert Voss who maintains pstricks-add – Boris Mar 19 '15 at 15:08

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