It has been shown in this answer How to display the footnote in the bottom of the slide while using \columns? how not to break the column environment of beamer when placing a footnote via \footnotemark and \footnotetext{<>}.

However this doesn't apply well to citations, as usually they have an index (unique for the whole document) that is different from the footnote index (per frame). A possible trick is to force the footnote number via \footnotemark[25] and \footnotetext[25]{\fullcite}, but this is not convenient at all.

I read in Undesired Placement of Footnotes in Blocks that a useful definition could be added to beamer, footfullcitetext. However if there is more than one citation per page there are the same problems as above with \footnotemark.

Any idea how to use a citation number that is incremented automatically over the whole presentation?


\usepackage[backend = biber]{biblatex}
\renewcommand\@makefnmark{\hbox{\@textsuperscript{\usebeamercolor[fg]{footnote mark}\usebeamerfont*{footnote mark}\@thefnmark}}}
\renewcommand\@makefntext[1]{\@textsuperscript{\usebeamercolor[fg]{footnote mark}\usebeamerfont*{footnote mark}\@thefnmark}\enspace\usebeamerfont*{footnote} #1}

Here is text \footnotemark. % this writes ref01 in place
Blabla and another ref \footnotemark.


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The problem is always the same when you have two (or more \footnotemark commands; you have to take care of the numbers “manually”:


enter image description here

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