Does anyone know of the symbol used for the center of mass in physics? Typically it is a circle with two quadrants shaded in. Unfortunately I can't find this in the standard LaTeX symbols PDF or on Detexify.

Is there a predefined command for this symbol or some other way I could get it?


I don't think it's available as a proper symbol, but you could use TikZ to draw it. By using the units em or ex, the symbol will scale corresponding to the surrounding text.

dowel pin / center of mass / BMW symbol



    \tikz[radius=0.4em] {%
        \fill (0,0) -- ++(0.4em,0) arc [start angle=0,end angle=90] -- ++(0,-0.8em) arc [start angle=270, end angle=180];%
        \draw (0,0) circle;%


Center of Mass: \centerofmass

\Huge It scales! \centerofmass

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  • Adding the line \fill [color=white] (0,0) -- ++(0,0.4em) arc [start angle=90,end angle=180] -- ++(0.8em,0) arc [start angle=0, end angle=-90];% before \draw (0,0) circle;% allows this to be put on a dark background nicer by filling in the "white" parts with white. – BeaumontTaz Sep 19 '14 at 21:23

This can be generated via the stix symbols \circleurquadblack:

enter image description here




$\circleurquadblack\ \centerofmass$

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  • For those who are interested in moving the dowelpin around: \node at (x,y) {$\centerofmass$}; – Herpes Free Engineer May 3 '18 at 19:07

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