In such a simple circuit




\draw (0,0) to [R=$R$,*-*,v=$V_1 - V_2$] (2,0);


I would like to increase the distance between the label (so, the arrow and the $V_1 - V_2$ expression) and the resistor itself.

1) Hoping that it is possible, how can I do it?

2) Again, if possible, how can the arrow be bent a little bit more? If I change the scale to, say, 2.0, the arrow line appears almost straight.

  • @MarcvanDongen Ok, I tried to include the code you suggested. – BowPark Mar 24 '15 at 16:06

You can use the voltage/bump b and voltage/european label distance parameters to do what you want:

\draw (0,2) to [R=$R$,*-*,v=$V_1 - V_2$] (2,2);
\ctikzset{voltage/bump b=20pt,voltage/european label distance=15pt}
\draw (0,0) to [R=$R$,*-*,v=$V_1 - V_2$] (2,0);


  • This does not seem to work anymore (Tex Live 2018). – FlorianL May 27 at 22:11
  • @FlorianL That's true indeed. As far as I can tell circuitikz is now broken (or the documentation is not up to date), and has no backward compatibility at all. – TonioElGringo May 28 at 7:23

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