Is there any way, other than adding per-line suppressions (i.e., %chktex 2) or per warning suppressions to get chktex to stop warning me when \vref and \eqref are preceded by spaces?

I am running chktex v1.7.2 WITHOUT the -g (use global chktexrc) flag and WITH the -l flag pointing to a local .chktexrc file, in which I have removed \vref and \eqref from the Linker options section. (Linker controls warning about needed non-breaking space when macros like \ref are used.) Despite removing these items under the Linker section, I still get warnings (warning #2) about them.

Does anyone know a way to solve this without entirely disabling warning number 2 or inserting line level suppressions everywhere?

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    Just to be clear this is about chktex not lacheck, but there was no tag for chktex and I couldn’t create one due to not enough reputation points
    – zbeekman
    Mar 24 '15 at 16:42

OK, it seems there is a documentation bug with chktex and the -g flag DISABLES the default chktexrc file. Using the -g flag fixes my problem.

  • I admit, the documentation is a bit confusing. Actually, -g1 will enable the global rc, and -g0 will disable it. But -g is a synonym for -g0. The default is to read the global rc. Sep 23 '15 at 4:11

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