Today an update for the package "texlive-bin" was issued by Arch Repository, and I think it was after I installed that update that my XePersian package broke. Now, I get a weird error when I try to compile the following simple document:


\settextfont{XB Niloofar}

سلام این یک آزمون است.

which is basically the same as the following, but with XePersian aliases:


\settextfont{XB Niloofar}

hello this is a test.

The error says:

! Undefined control sequence.
l.6 \شروع

And here is the log file generated by xelatex. The second example compiles just fine; but the first one, to which the enclosed log file belongs, is giving me troubles.

I suspect the problem is caused by some version inconsistency due to the update. But I can't find a way to get around that. I even tried downgrading "texlive-bin", which I suspected to be guilty for the inconsistency, but the problem persisted. No, I did not forget to run texhash afterwards.

Any ideas?

  • There was an update for xepersion some days ago, so I would at first suspect that this introduced the bug. Contact the author of the package. Mar 25, 2015 at 14:03

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I added an option [localise=on] to my usepackage, like:


and it works now. I guess the new version requires it.

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