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I have searched a bit without finding a solution. I want to change the biblatex style (citation and bibliography), regarding the "number" field in periodics and others.

I would like to change this :

Zerrouk Yamina, « Gestion des sites et sols pollués et fiucie », JCP 9 (28 fév. 2014), p. 47.

Into this :

Zerrouk Yamina, « Gestion des sites et sols pollués et fiucie », JCP , n° 9 (28 fév. 2014), p. 47.

I already have bbx and cbx files, so I would like to add a potential change in those files. I didn't find anything in the documentation... I use lualatex.

Thanks a lot for any help ! :)

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  • What you ask for isn't terribly complicated (and I'm sure a bit of searching for biblatex and volume - the field you are looking to change is very probably the volume, not the number field - will give you an idea how to achieve this yourself), it would be quite unfortunate if someone were to give an answer that does not work on your set-up, because we cannot test a solution. So please provide a MWE or at least tell us what biblatex style you use and if you have any other modifications for it. – moewe Mar 27 '15 at 17:24
  • Since there has not be a response with more specifics, I voted to close as duplicate of biblatex - volume and issue in words and with comma in front of them, as this seems to ask for pretty much the same thing. – moewe Apr 4 '15 at 11:45

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