I am using a bibtex to manage my references in LaTeX by cite package. The normal behavior of this package is printing a bibliography of all cited references in the document, however, I want its complement. In other words, suppose that I have cited two references, but want the bibliography contain the third one, which I have not cited.

Question: How to print just all the entries of a bibliography file which are not cited?

For the application, I check manually to see which references are not cited in my document which is a boring workaround!

As a minimal working example for test, suppose that my bibliography file is biblio.bib with the following contents:

      author = {Grzymala-Busse, Jerzy W.},
      title = {Classification of Unseen Examples under Uncertainty},
      journal = {Fundamenta Informaticae},
      year = {1997},
      volume = {30},
      pages = {255--267},
      number = {3},
      month = jan
      author = {Skowron, Andrzej and Åwiniarski, Roman and Synak, Piotr},
      title = {Approximation Spaces and Information Granulation},
      booktitle = {Transactions on Rough Sets {III}},
      publisher = {Springer Berlin Heidelberg},
      year = {2005},
      editor = {Peters, James F. and Skowron, Andrzej},
      number = {3400},
      series = {Lecture Notes in Computer Science},
      pages = {175--189},
      month = jan
      author = {Yao, Yiyu},
      title = {An Outline of a Theory of Three-Way Decisions},
      booktitle = {Rough Sets and Current Trends in Computing},
      publisher = {Springer Berlin Heidelberg},
      year = {2012},
      editor = {Yao, JingTao and Yang, Yan and SÅowiÅski, Roman and Greco, Salvatore
        and Li, Huaxiong and Mitra, Sushmita and Polkowski, Lech},
      pages = {1--17},
      month = jan

and a LaTeX file





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