I would place my graphic and/or my tables "sources" as shown in the picture attached to this post and I don't know how to do this? Could you help me please enter image description here

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The copyrightbox package seems to do the job. An optional argument allows the placement of the copyright text on the left side, on the right side (default, rotated) or below the copyright box. A small correction seems to be necessary to centre captions, for some reason.

For tables, the threeparttable package might also be used, with the tablenotes environment, but its measuredfigure environment doesn't work well if the caption is placed above the figure.

Example of code for the first solution:

\usepackage{caption, makecell, copyrightbox}
\captionsetup{justification = centering}


  \caption{Le déjeuner en fourrure\,\\\textit{Meret Oppenheim}(1914--2005)}
  \copyrightbox[b]{\includegraphics[scale = 1.1]{dejeuner1}}{Source: Google}
  \captionsetup{font = sf}
  \caption{Matrix Important/Urgent\,}
    Labels & Urgent & Not urgent\\
    Important & 55\,\% & 25\,\%\\
    Not important & 20\,\% & 0\,\%\\
    \end{tabular}}{Source: Google}


enter image description here


Untested as you don't provide an MWE but a simplified version of code I use. Add xparse to the packages you load in your preamble.

\DeclareDocumentCommand \imgsrc { O {Source} +m }{%
  \footnotesize #1:\thinspace

Then you can say


\imgsrc{Fine Images}


\imgsrc[Data source]{Fine Data}

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