I installed xetex-pstricks via

tlmgr install xetex-pstricks
tlmgr update xetex-pstricks

on my Windows 7 machine with a TeXLive installation.

tlmgr info xetex-pstricks --list

gave me info on these files:


Now, when I want to use xetex-pstricks, the xelatex underlying TeXWorks complains on a missing


How can I install this file?


There is no such file.

If you have a \usepackage{xetex-pstricks} line in your preamble, remove it. The package simply consists in configuration files, pstricks.con (one for xetex and one for xelatex) to be used by xdvipdfmx. They are automatically read on compiling with xetex/xelatex, but not with other compilers.

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