I'm using tikz-timing to draw timing diagram. It looks really nice, but I want to apply some optical improvements like changing the 'arrow tip kind'.

So I added >=Latex[] to my tikztimingtable environment, but I get a error from pgf:

Package pgf error: Unknown arrow tip kind 'Latex'.

I also tried other kinds like Triangle.

  timing/nice tabs,

I don't want to change the arrow tip kind in every \draw instruction (located in the \extracode section). So I'm looking for a general way to override the default arrow tip kind.

Loaded packages:

\usepackage{pgf}                        % primitive drawing library
\usepackage{tikz}                       % PGF frontend, drawing macros
\usepackage{tikz-timing}                % spezial TikZ library for waveform/timing diagrams
  \usetikztiminglibrary{advnodes}       %   sublibrary for advanced anchor nodes
  \usetikztiminglibrary{counters}       %   sublibrary for automated content generation
  \usetikztiminglibrary{clockarrows}    %   sublibrary for for arrows on rising/falling edges
  \usetikztiminglibrary{either}         %   sublibrary for new either symbol
  \usetikztiminglibrary{columntype}     %   sublibrary for 
  \usetikztiminglibrary{overlays}       %   sublibrary for overlay generation
  \usetikztiminglibrary{nicetabs}       %   sublibrary for better looking timingtables

You need to use the arrows.meta library; add to the preamble (after tikz has been loaded):


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