I'm using the backref=pages extension of the hyperref package, as I'd like to have a list of back-reference pages after my bibliographic items. Is there a way to enclose these page numbers in brackets like "[2]" instead of just having the number (without enclosure)?

For example, I'd like for a bibitem to appear as

[1] Witten, E., The Theory of Everything, Any Journal, Volume, Pages (Year) [pg. 1], [pg. 2]


The command responsible for typesetting the back references is \backrefxxx, so

  [\hyperlink{page.#1}{backref page #1}]}

will do. This will make all of "backref page #" a link. If you want only the page number to be a link, do

  [backref page \hyperlink{page.#1}{#1}]}

Other variations are possible.

  • The second variation is perfect for my needs. Thank you! – user02138 Jul 20 '11 at 12:10

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