I am using texmaker under Ubuntu. I need to use DIN 1505 Teil 2 or DIN ISO 690 for bibliography. Which means in the text and for referencing a citation I want to have [Author name, year]. At the time it shows me numbers. for example:

I want to use this[writer,2015].

at the time it looks like: I do not want this[1]. My bibliography is in a biblio.bib file, and the tex file looks like:


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As far as classic BibTeX styles go, you could use natdin with natbib (l2tabu prefers using natdin over dinat, see p. 15.) or any of the other styles of din-1505.

There are also the .bst styles of the germbib bundle, those styles need to be used with the bibgerm package which is also part of the bundle. (See here)

If you want to use biblatex, you can use either BibLaTeX-DIN1505 or biblatex-iso690, both of which are not on CTAN as far as I know.

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