I want to make the greek letter omega with an accent above it.

I know that I make the letter in math mode:


and I know that I add a accent this way:


But when I combine the two:


I just get the accent before that omega, not above it.

Can anyone advise please?

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    Is this a math mode application, or are you trying to write polytonic Greek letters -- in text mode, presumably?
    – Mico
    Mar 30, 2015 at 23:51
  • It wasn't in math mode. But I thought that I had to be in math mode to create the \omega. The \acute{} method worked for me. Mar 30, 2015 at 23:59
  • There's a big difference, typographically speaking, between the polytonic (accented) "ώ" character and the output of $\acute{\omega}$.
    – Mico
    Mar 31, 2015 at 0:18
  • @Mico Do you know how we can type the polytonic epsilon in text mode in LaTeX/beamer? I'm trying to do this outside of math mode.
    – Ernesto
    Jan 14, 2020 at 0:49
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    @Ernesto - I would think carefully before using a serif font, such as a Times Roman clone, for a beamer document. If at all possible, do use a sans-serif OpenType text font, such as Calibri or Noto Sans, which features a full set of polytonic Greek characters. Then, use either LuaLaTeX or XeLaTeX, which allow you to employ OpenType font families directly, to compile the document.
    – Mico
    Jan 14, 2020 at 3:04

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Use \acute{} in mathmode:


Other accents in mathmode:



\section*{Accents in mathmode}
        \underline{\omega} & \verb|\underline{\omega}| &
        \overline{\omega} & \verb|\overline{\omega}| \\
        \hat{\omega} & \verb|\hat{\omega}| &
        \check{\omega} & \verb|\check{\omega}| \\
        \tilde{\omega} & \verb|\tilde{\omega}| &
        \acute{\omega} & \verb|\acute{\omega}| \\
        \grave{\omega} & \verb|\grave{\omega}| &
        \dot{\omega} & \verb|\dot{\omega}| \\
        \ddot{\omega} & \verb|\ddot{\omega}| &
        \breve{\omega} & \verb|\breve{\omega}| \\
        \bar{\omega} & \verb|\bar{\omega}| &
        \vec{\omega} & \verb|\vec{\omega}| \\

enter image description here

  • I have the same problem, but I cannot use the omega in math mode because it is not the correct font. Is there a solution outside mathmode?
    – Rob28
    Sep 2, 2022 at 13:49

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