When using the see attribute for a glossary entry, glossaries seems to use the text attribute to create the see also ... text in the glossary. How can I change this to use the name attribute instead?

According to the glossaries documentation the name attribute would be the correct one to show anyway:

name The name of the entry (as it will appear in the glossary). If this key is omitted and the parent key is supplied, this value will be the same as the parent’s name.

text How this entry will appear in the document text when using \gls (or one of its upper case variants). If this field is omitted, the value of the name key is used.

Since the see also ... text is shown within the glossary, name should be used instead of text.

  • glossaries certainly seems to use the name attribute. In my documents, at least, and I've done nothing special to make it so. Might you have accidentally changed something to cause different behavior? May 30, 2015 at 13:25

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Taken from the empsample-crossref.tex example from glossaries:


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