As a documentclass I use book. Chapters always start on the right hand side. How can I turn it off? I don't want to have empty pages. I don't care on which side starts new chapter.

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    In case someone wants to disable this behaviour at some place in the document (and not globally) tex.stackexchange.com/a/31644/6865 could be a solution. – Stephen Feb 29 '12 at 19:07

Use the document class option openany or consider using the report class instead, where this is the default.

There are two related document class options:

  • openright: makes chapters begin on right hand pages, default for the book class
  • openany: makes chapters begin on the next available page, default for the report class

Also the margins are differently treated in book and report, which can be customized by options:

  • twoside: double sided output style, for different inner and outer margin, default for the book class
  • oneside: single sided output, for equal left and right margin, default for the report class and for article.

The default behavior can be changed by specifying such an option when loading the class, for example


Besides the standard classes, further classes support these options, such as amsbook, scrbook, screprt and memoir. These classes may support further options, such as openleft in memoir.

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