I have a formula

$$\sqrt{t_{i + 1} - t_i }\epsilon_{ij}$$

But when rendered, it looks a little unclear since the epsilon is not adequately separated from the square root.

I'm reluctant to reorder the terms in any way. What I'm after is some way of putting a short vertical line after the square root symbol (say 1/4 height attached to the horizontal bar) which is a common thing to do.

Does anyone know how?


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If you don't want to use the "closed" form of the square-root symbol -- which some find "unnecessary and ugly" -- you could (a) insert a "thinspace" (\,) right before \epsilon or (b) change the notation of the square-root term to the (....)^{0.5} form.

enter image description here

$ \sqrt{t_{i + 1} - t_i }\,\epsilon_{ij} $
$ (t_{i + 1} - t_i )^{0.5}\epsilon_{ij} $

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