Sometimes, I want to display all \href content on my document, so I defined:


So, I only have to put \isprintable on the preamble to got this behaviour.

But, I have some \href commands included on \footnote.

As I see on a stack tread and the TUG mailing list, it is impossible to put a footnote on another one, unless we do \footnote{This is the principal footnote\footnotemark{}.}\footnotetext{This is the second one.} witch imply to separate the command witch mark the place of the footnote from the command woh define the text of the footnote. But, we can’t do this with href.

There is not an \hrefmark and a \hreftext.

So witch solution I still have to display all urls of the document?

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Package bigfoot allows you to have several layers of footnotes, and footnotes of a higher level can have footnotes on a lower layer.

In this example we have "normal" footnotes numbered in Arabic and href footnotes numbered in roman:

\setlength{\textheight}{1in} % For demonstration we want a short page 
\DeclareNewFootnote{default}    % standard footnotes  
\DeclareNewFootnote{URL}[roman] % href footnotes
You can find many answers on
\href{http://tex.stackexchange.com}{stackexchange}.  Some questions
can be really complex\footnote{For example,

enter image description here

  • It work fine. bigfoot is the package I was searching.
    – fauve
    Apr 2, 2015 at 5:31

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